Cal's Crying Girl was a little girl saved by Caledon Hockley, during the sinking of the Titanic. However, Caledon's rescue of her was not out of heroism or a desire to aid his fellow man, but using her for his own interests to gain access to a lifeboat. The ship's crew forbade men to board unless they were in the company of children and not accompanied by a woman. This ultimately led to both of them surviving. The girl was later seen in a deleted scene carried by a woman, presumably her mother, on the Carpathia.

Getting a coveted lifeboat seat, Cal felt no need to try to aid her in finding surviving blood relatives or adopt her. She finished her usefulness to him so he did not care what she did afterward. The girl was seated next to a woman, who took care of her until they were rescued by the Carpathia.

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