Charles Joughin
Charles Joughin
Biological Information
Full name

Charles Joughin




3 August 1878


9 December 1956 (age 78)

Background Information

Anna E. Ripley Joughin (wife)



Titanic Statistics

Southampton, England


Paterson, New Jersey, U.S


Chief Baker


Titanic Crew


Survived on the overturned Collapsible Lifeboat B


Historical character


Liam Tuohy

Charles Joughin was a chef on board RMS Titanic.


In James Cameron's Titanic, he was shown throwing several chairs and tables in to the sea to have something to float on when the ship sank. When the ship was tilting, he fled to the aft rail and drank a cup of wine. He was later seen next to Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater minutes before the vertical sinking of the ship, as they were hanging from the rail. He and Rose stared at each other before looking down at the oncoming water. He survived the sinking and made it to the overturned Collapsible Lifeboat B.

He lived a long life after the disaster, dying at 78 years old.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the film, Titanic, Joughin was portrayed by Liam Tuohy.
  • According to the real Joughin's testimony, he rode the ship down and stepped into the water without getting his hair wet. He also admitted to hardly feeling the cold, most likely due to the brandy he had been drinking.
  • Many speculate he survived the sinking due to being seen drinking alcohol from a flask, which would heat him up, enabling him a better chance of survival in the water.
    • However, this is known to be physiologically untrue; alcohol acts as a vasodilator, bringing more blood to the peripheries inducing a sense of warmth, but in fact speeds up hypothermia due to heat being drawn from the core and lost more readily at the body's surface.

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