This page is dedicated to housing the Titanic Seamen in James Cameron's film, Titanic.

Unnamed SeamenEdit

The Unnamed Seamen were two minor characters aboard the Titanic.

The pair of seamen were seen trying to find a way out of the ship's lower deck through an escap door only to find the section descending in to the water around the time Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater had escaped E deck. They quickly closed the gate, unable to reach a lifeboat being lowered, forced to find another way out.

It is unknown if they survived the sinking.

Unnamed Seaman 1Edit

The Unnamed Seaman 1 was minor character aboard the Titanic

He was briefly seen trying to control several third class passengers during the sinking, pushing them away from the gates with a ore. When they briefly opened the gates to allow the women and children through, he quickly attacked the men trying to push pass with the ore, knocking one to the floor as the stewards locked the gates once more. He also watched on as a steward threatened the passengers with a pistol, including Thomas Ryan.

It is unknown if he survived the sinking.

Unnamed Seaman 2Edit

The Unnamed Seaman 2 was a minor character aboard the Titanic, portrayed in James Cameron's film, Titanic.

He was seen when William Murdoch was trying to control the rush of passengers trying to board one of the last lifeboats, witnessing Tommy being shot by the man and his suicide thereafter.

His survival of the sinking remains unknown.

Unnamed Seaman 3Edit

This man was a seamen on the RMS Titanic.

Unnamed Seaman 4Edit

This man was Seamen on RMS Titanic.

Unnamed Seaman 5Edit

This man was Seamen on RMS Titanic. He was in lifeboat 14.

Unnamed Seaman 6Edit

This man was Seamen on RMS Titanic. He was in lifeboat 14.


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