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This article is about the Norweigan father of Helga Dahl. You may be looking for the Swedish poker player.

Olaf Dahl
Olaf Dahl
Biological Information
Full name

Olaf Dahl




June 4,1825


April 15, 1912 (age 86)


Perished on the Titanic

Background Information

Mrs. Dahl (wife)
Helga Dahl (daughter)


Somewhere in Norway



Titanic Statistics

Southampton, England


New York, U.S.A




Third class


Falls from the stern and into the sea. Died on impact or of hypothermia.


Fictional character


Erik Holland

Olaf Dahl was a Norwegian third class passenger and the demanding father of Helga Dahl. He did not approve of his daughter's romance with Fabrizio De Rossi and ended their relationship when he refused to let her go with him to America, however, Helga and Fabrizio both died during the sinking of the RMS Titanic along with himself and his wife. It is unknown how he died, although he is assumed to have drowned after falling off the stern of the ship.

Due to the fact that they both didn't appear to interact with her much, Mrs. Dahl and Olaf do not appear in Rose DeWitt Bukater's Titanic dream sequence.

Role in the FilmEdit

He and Helga were first seen staring at the Titanic as it was departing, then waved goodbye when the ship began to leave. Two days later, in third class, he was reading a magazine when Rose came, he took off his glasses and stared at her as it was uncommon for a first class passenger to visit third class. At the party, he oversaw an arm wrestl while drinking beer.

On the night the ship began to sink, he disapproved when Helga asked to go with Fabrizio in a lifeboat. when the Titanic started tilting, he was seen holding on to Helga. He was last seen struggling to hold on with his wife.

Behind the scenesEdit

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