In this scene, Rose visits Jack in the third class saloon and see's Tommy, Helga and Fabrizio with him. Tommy compliments Jacks drawings while Fabrizio is trying to teach Helga some Italian, only for Mrs. Dahl to interfere. Cora's parents take her away from "Uncle" Jack just before Rose arrives. Her arrival surprises the third class passengers so much that they all go quiet. She then asks to speak with Jack privately to which his friends laugh at as he leaves surprised he got her attention.

Bert and his wife

Mrs. Cartmell and Bert taking Cora out of Jack Dawson's care.

Mrs. Dahl

Mrs. Dahl interrupting Fabrizio and Helga's conversation.


(Needs To be found)

Youtube ClipEdit

Titanic - Rose Goes looking for Jack Deleted scene 199702:29

Titanic - Rose Goes looking for Jack Deleted scene 1997

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