Scotland Road Steward
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Titanic Statistics

Southampton, England


third class steward


Titanic Crew


Brendan Connolly

The Scotland Road Stewart was a steward aboard Titanic in James Cameron's film, Titanic. He worked in the third class decks.

During the sinking he spent most of his time preparing the passengers of the lower class to evacuate during the sinking. He quickly told the passengers to get their lifebelts on, quite quickly and with little information in contrast to the first class stewards who informed their passengers more and prepared then adequately.

While escorting some passengers, he encountered Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson breaking through a wall. Not understanding the severity of the situation, he shouted at them as they walked away, demanding they pay for th damages only to be yelled "Shut up!" by the pair. This stunned him in to a scared stare, resulting in him leaving them alone.

It is unknown if he survived the sinking.

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