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Spicer Lovejoy
Spicer Lovejoy
Biological Information
Full name

Spicer Lovejoy


Lovejoy (by Cal)
Man servant (by Rose)






April 15, 1912 (age 50)


Perished on Titanic

Background Information

somewhere in America

Titanic Statistics

Southampton, England


New York, U.S.A.


Passenger, valet, bodyguard


First class


Last seen clinging to the ship when it broke in two


Fictional character


David Warner

Spicer Lovejoy was Caledon Hockley's right-hand man, personal valet and bodyguard, which made him the secondary antagonist in the film. He carried a Colt M1911 with distinctive engravings.

Character HistoryEdit

He was an American former Pinkerton's detective and a former cop hired by Cal's father to take care of him.

Lovejoy was also the only one that suspected that Jack had not saved Rose DeWitt Bukater from falling upon Lovejoy and Dawson's first meeting, noting that he already had untied his shoes and removed his coat.

He is also visible in the third class party spying at Rose when she and Jack were dancing.

He is seen later running after Jack and Rose as they ran at the engine room. While descending with the elevator, Rose gave him "the finger" leaving Jack and Rose sniggering to themselves. He chased them even further through the ship but lost them when they locked themselves in a room that led to the boiler room.

Lovejoy later secretly put Rose's diamond in Jack's pocket and asked the Titanic's Man-at-arms to take Jack into custody in E Deck. As Thomas King was needed at the second class pursers office, he decided to watch Jack. After a while, he played with his gun bullet, and watched it roll down the table, but then he put it in his gun and aimed it at Jack. He said that he was asked to give the small token of appreciation (the money). After saying that, he hit Jack in the stomach with compliments from Caledon Hockley. After that, he left, putting the key and gun in his pocket; leaving a suffering Jack behind. There, knowing that the ship was sinking, and seeing that the E Deck had been evacuated, he decided to escape himself, leaving Jack tied alone there so he would die when the room floods although Rose later saved him with a fire axe since the key to the cuffs was taken by Lovejoy.


Spicer Lovejoy was Cal's right-hand man, as well as his bodyguard and assistant.

For the most part Lovejoy is seen looking for Jack and Rose, especially after Cal put his coat (with the Heart of the Ocean in its pocket) on Rose. Cal took Lovejoy's gun and started shooting at them, until his bullets were wasted. Cal gave it back to Lovejoy saying that the diamond would be his. Lovejoy then loads the gun and goes hunting for them in the dining room.

Lovejoy searches a first class dining room for the pair. He goes for the door but notices it is tightly locked. He realises they are all in the room. After several minutes of taunting, he finds Rose behind a table only to be attacked by Jack from behind. They fight but Lovejoy manages to kick Jack off him after accidentally firing his gun st the roof. As he reaches to retrieve it from the ground Jack strikes again and manages to strike him heavily in the stomach saying "Compliments of Chippewa Falls Dawsons". By the time Lovejoy recovers and chases them, the park had already tricked him and had lost him.

Jack and Rose are able to escape and hide in the lower decks, while Lovejoy searched the level above.

He is last seen at the point where the Titanic is breaking in half, with a large gash on his forehead from his battle with Jack. It is unknown what happens to him after that but it is likely that he fell between the ships crack.

He is not seen at the end, among the people seen by Rose among the Titanic victims. This is likely because he was one of the two major villains, as Cal was not there either. Although, Cal actually survived the Titanic's sinking.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was played by David Warner. This was his second role in a Titanic film; he had portrayed real life passanger Lawrence Beesley in S.O.S. Titanic from 1979.

In the theatrical version and original DVD, the scene where Lovejoy is looking for Jack and Rose in the first-class dining room, was cut from the film as it was considered too long. His last appearance with a bleeding head seems unexplained in the cut version leaving viewers wondering if he got that from wandering the ship or did encounter Jack and Rose.


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