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Thomas Ryan
Tommy Ryan-2
Biological Information
Full name

Thomas Ryan






August 5,1880


April 15, 1912 (age 30)


Gunshot wound

Background Information

somewhere in Ireland


possibly Roman Catholic

Titanic Statistics

possibly Queenstown, Ireland


New York, U.S.A.




Third class


Accidentally shot and killed by William Murdoch


Fictional character


Jason Barry

Thomas "Tommy" Ryan was an Irish third-class passenger who befriended Jack Dawson and Fabrizio De Rossi aboard the Titanic. He was particularly impressed with Jack's drawing skills and the fact that he had actually managed to befriend Rose, who was a first class passenger. However, Tommy soon became friends with Rose, as well. He later accompanied Jack, Fabrizio and Rose as they tried to escape the sinking ship. He and Fabrizio, however, got separated from Jack and Rose. He died when he was accidentally shot by First Officer Murdoch when pushed forward by other passengers accidentally. His death deeply affected Fabrizio who was forced to take his lifebelt in order to survive, though he also perished regardless.

Tommy is also seen among the people in Rose's dream of Titanic at the end of the film.

Character historyEdit

Early lifeEdit

Not much is known of Thomas Ryan's early life as it was never revealed however, we do know he is from Ireland as he is Irish.

Life onboard TitanicEdit

Although not much of Tommy is seen onboard, it is shown how he met Jack Dawson and Fabrizio De Rossi on Titanic's deck , and also being quite fascinated by Jack's drawings. Unlike his friends, Thomas did not fall in love aboard the ship and if he did, which is highly unlikely, it is never seen. Tommy is also seen at the 3rd Class Party, smoking and having a good time. He even arm wresteld with a fellow 3rd class passenger but lost despite asking for another round. In a deleted scene, Tommy is admiring Jack's artwork, saying "This is very good." Tommy is seen smoking onboard various times.

Death and Titanic's sinkingEdit

Tommy was awakened by the ship's collision with the iceberg and his cabin immediately started flooding. He is shown along with Fabrizio and various other third-class passengers fleeing for safety. As the ship continued to sink, Tommy and Fabrizio meet Jack and Rose behind a locked gate blocking the passengers behind it with it guarded by several crew members including one with a pistol. He goes up to the gate and yells at the crew. He tells Jack and Rose that the gate is guarded by the crew. Jack then goes to another exit gate guarded by another steward and rams it down with the help of Tommy and Fabrizio. Tommy tries to find a lifeboat for all four of them to get off safely. Upon failing, Jack then tells Tommy and Fabrizio to go to the other side of the ship to find a lifeboat. They find Collapsible Boat A being run by William Murdoch, who won't let him, Fabrizio, Caledon Hockley and a angry mob of men board. Murdoch then threatens to shoot anybody who tries to go to the lifeboat. A man tries to do so but gets shot to death. However, someone accidentally pushed Tommy fowards, leading Murdoch to think that he tried to go to the lifeboat, and therefore, Murdoch shot Tommy in his left lung before thinking, and afterwards, Murdroch commits suicide when he understands that he killed an innocent man. Tommy collapses while coughing up blood before dying in Fabrizio's arms.

In order to survive the rough waters around the ship, Fabrizio takes Tommy's lifebelt by untying it and strapping it on to him. However, he later dies when a funnels falls on him.

Tommy's body floated up when the water started to rise upon the dock, but was then dragged into the A-deck promenade, which caused it to be forever lost in the sea.

At the end, Tommy was seen in the crowd in between Wallace Hartley and Benjamin Guggenheim during the dream/heaven sequence.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was portrayed by Jason Barry.

A 27-years old Thomas Ryan perished in the sinking. However, the historical Ryan was a steward on the Titanic, unlike his namesake in the film, who was a passenger. The similarity of the name was likely coincidental.


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