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Titanic Dates and What Happened

10 April:

11:50am possibly: Rose and her family boarded the ship

11:55am: Jack and his friends were playing poker and quit the game when found the ship was going to leave so he walked in with Fabrizio

12:00pm: The ship made its leave in Southampton and Jack and his best friend Fabrizio moved in their room.

12:15pm: In first class Rose and Trudy were putting up paintings in their room.

6:30pm: Titanic Arrives in Cherbourg, France and one of the people that come aboard is Margaret Brown.

11 April:

Possibly 12:30pm: Titanic left Queenstown and made its way to America and also Jack and Fabrizio become king of the world.

Possibly 1:30pm: Rose, her mother and fiance ate lunch while hearing about the ship from Joseph Ismay and Thomas Andrews

Unknown Time: Rose leaves the lunch table while Jack and Fabrizio introduce themselves to Tommy Ryan.

Possibly 9:00pm: Rose escapes dinner and runs to the stern of the ship to try and kill herself until Jack doesnt let her. Then few minutes later Cal gives her a very rare diamond.

12 April: (Unshown)

13 April:

Possibly 5:30pm: Rose and Jack meet talk and become friends and Rose thanks Jack for saving her. Then Jack teaches Rose how to spit like a man till Molly and Ruth were in disgust then Rose introduced Jack to her mother.

Possibly 7:30pm: Also with Jacks invitation Rose eats dinner with the other first class people

9:00pm: Jack asks Rose if she wants to go to a real party and she goes.

14 April:

Possibly 9:00am: Rose and her fiancee eat breakfast until Cal loses control by knocking down table until Trudy comes up and dresses her up and her mom continues.

Evening: First class Christians sing o wind of heaven.

Possibly 6:30pm: Jack and Rose kiss for the first time as the sun sinks

8:20pm: Jack draws Rose naked wearing her diamond.

8:40pm: Passengers eat their final meal.

11:15pm possibly: Jack and Rose escape from Lovejoy and make affection in the cargohull.

11:39pm: Jack and Rose kiss near the boat deck while the crows nest people laugh until they have to get serious. Meanwhile they warned the captain that there was an iceberg.

11:40pm: Titanic collides with the iceberg and floods the forward compartments. Captain Smith comes to know and finds out where the water had been flooding.

15 April:

12:20am: Everyone is woken up for inserting lifebelts while Mr. Smith tells Mr. Philips to call distress.

12:30am: While the band plays in first class everyone is shocked why they have to insert lifebelts and also Jack Dawson gets tied up for being thought of the diamond thief.

1:00am possibly: First class people go in the lifeboat unlike Rose who just wants to save Jack.

Possibly 2:00am: Rose saves Jack by hitting the handcuff with an axe.

2:10am: Thomas Andrews corrects his clock and sits in the smoking room

2:20am: The ship broke in half and sank and Rose and Jack were swimming on the ocean. Also Jack protected Rose and after 15 minutes he died of hypothermia.

6:30am possibly: Carpathia rescued some other survivers.

18 April:

No time: Carpathia reached New York City while Rose hid herself.

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